We believe in the power of non-fiction visual story telling.

Specializing in outdoor adventure visual campaigns, everyone on the LWimages Team possesses great skills in a number of outdoor sports, which allow us to go further in developing exciting, creative and inspiring content.

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Photographer / DP / Cameraman

'This is the most exciting time to be a photographer ever!' says Lukasz. It’s a belief that has seen Lukasz travelling and shooting on 5 continents in the last few years on assignments for the National Geographic, The North Face, WL GORE, Mountain Equipment, Petzl and Black Diamond (among...

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Studio Director / Producer

Having worked as a freelance photographer already at the age of 18, Ulrika’s passion for the outdoors has been the driving force in most of her working career. Ulrika brings to LWimages her experience as Partnerships Lead at the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), where she developed and...

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Creative Director

One of Britain's leading mountaineers and an accomplished adventure cameraman Ian confesses to being in love with storytelling. ‘The most rewarding part of LWimages work’ he says ‘is being able to see the glimmer of an idea blossom into a fully realized compelling production.’


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Studio Assistant

Based in Buxton at 21 Jimmy is already an expert at exploring and filming deep underground in the area’s world class caves. Jimmy brings youth, enthusiasm and a fresh perspective to LWimages.

What is the best adventure you’ve had?

The best adventure that I have had...


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