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The Wild in Me series of films celebrates wildness and the relationships between people and wild places. In the first film, poet Helen Mort finds inspiration for a new poem The Wild in Me among the striking scenery of Quinag in Assynt, and at Sandwood Bay, one of the UK’s most awe-inspiring beaches. In the second film in the series, renowned climber, photographer and mountain guide Dave 'Cubby' Cuthbertson explores Steall Gorge and the slopes of Ben Nevis as he reflects on a life shaped by the mountains.

The John Muir Trust owns and cares for some of the finest wild places in the UK, including Sandwood Bay and Quinag. In acting to promote and protect wildness, we encourage sustainable land use that will allow future generations the opportunity to experience and benefit from the wild. It is important therefore that communities can thrive in and around our wildest locations, and that’s why we advocate slow tourism, where attention is focused on encouraging visitors to contribute to the preservation of a destination.

Advertising Campaign | November 2018

Director of Photography - Lukasz Warzecha Producer - Ulrika Larsson Creative Director - Ian Parnell Assistant - Jan Bella Executive Producers - Daisy Clark, Kevin Lelland Talent - Helen Mort, Dave 'Cubby' Cuthbertson

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UK adventure filmmaker Lukasz Warzecha
Adventure Filmmaking Uk Lukasz Warzecha studio
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