Making a difference – LWimages join 1% for the Planet

We’re proud to announce that LWimages have joined 1% for the Planet, the global environmental network. As a member LWimages will donate 1% of our annual sales to assist with environmental initiatives carried out by our chosen non-profit environmental organisations working with climate change and renewable energy.

Monday, November 13th, 2017


As adventure travel image makers our business involves celebrating the power and beauty of the natural environment. But through our travels to a multitude of locations around the globe we are very aware at LWimages that the natural world is increasingly under threat, and the balance between nature and human impact is a very delicate one. In the past we have involved ourselves directly in environmental projects such as the Community Sea Grass Initiative documenting and surveying this important underwater ecosystem, or donating our services on a pro bono basis to help with tourism regeneration following the 2015 Nepal earthquakes. More recently we have been addressing our own working practices and taken steps to reduce our own environmental impact for example begun gradual switch for fossil fuel to electric powered cars. Whilst we still aim to continue that kind of hands on work, the success and expansion of our business means we are now in a position were through 1% for the Planet we can make a meaningful financial contribution to a number of environmental projects. For the LWimages founder Lukasz Warzecha this has long been one of his personal goals – “I’ve been lucky to travel to some of the most amazing places on the planet, unique environments that it has been a joy to capture on camera, but it’s also been obvious that those places need protection. That LWimages can now join 1% for the Planet is something I’m proud to do. Founder Yvon Chouinard has been someone I’ve long admired as a climber and as an innovative businessman and environmental advocate so it’s a privilege to contribute to this initiative.”

1% for the planet adventure sports studio

1% for the Planet was started in 2002 by Yvon Chouinard (founder of Patagonia) and Craig Mathews (founder of Blue Ribbon Flies). Today it is a global environmental network, partnering businesses and non profit action groups, channeling $175million into helping protect our planet. For LWimages it is an honour to be accepted as part of this global movement and have the chance to help make a difference.

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Director of photography TV show Lukasz Warzecha

Camaraderie and pushing equipment to the limit

One of the most interesting projects we’ve worked on recently has been the Epic Trails TV series for Outside TV. As I’m sure you know ‘Interesting’ is a euphemism that can cover all manner of things and in the case of our filming of Epic Trails the “interesting” moments covered pretty much every emotion in the book – from euphoria to exhaustion.

Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

Trailer Meltdown short film global warming Iceland Lukasz Warzecha

Meltdown - Climate Change Film

For Icelanders their glaciers are a living embodiment of Iceland’s national identity. ‘Meltdown' explores the bond between this iconic landscape and a group of local glacier guides, who are now fighting to save these natural wonders from climate change extinction.

Thursday, December 6th, 2018

Facing Waves TV show West Sweden

Facing Waves TV show - West Sweden

FACING WAVES is an exciting and inspiring TV series that follows top paddlers as they explore the people, places, and adventures of the world's top paddling destinations. Each 30-minute episode explores new places and share incredible adventures with the locals along the way. Broadcast on Outside Television and FOX SPORTS networks in the US, and internationally in 44 countries on the Nautical Channel, the TV series features...